Jobs on-demand: App helps you find shifts and get paid right away

If you need to make some quick cash, you may want to check out the on-demand staffing app Wonolo. It was designed with temp workers in mind.

If you want to work on a specific day and a job is available, you can pick it up and get paid right away.

When Leversey Henry gets ready for work, he turns to his phone.

He uses Wonolo to look for available shifts in his area in all types of industries.

"I've done warehouse. I've done some product marketing, as well as event coordination," Henry said.

Henry answered questions on the app regarding his qualifications and background ahead of time. Then whenever a job pops up, it's his for the taking.

One survey predicts there will be more than seven-and-a-half million on-demand workers by the year 2020.

AJ Brustein, co-founder of the app, says the employer-employee dynamic is shifting.

"Wonolo is an app that allows companies to post jobs when they have the need for additional people. They can post a job for a few hours a day or longer. And Wonolo workers have been pre-vetted, accept it and when they get rated, they get paid immediately the next day," Brustein said.

Brustein says Wonolo focuses on eight major metropolitan areas, including Dallas, with plans to do a big launch in Houston in the future. I downloaded the app and it's a multi-step process to get registered. But Brustein says if companies in the Houston area post jobs, then they are available to workers.

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