2 women in car make dramatic 3rd floor plunge off San Diego parking garage

SAN DIEGO, CA (KTRK) -- Two women were hurt after their car fell from the third level of parking garage at a San Diego, California, shopping mall.

The vehicle dropped 35 to 40 feet, landing on its roof below the garage, KSWB reports.

It all happened as the mall was about to close and the women -- both in their 40s -- were backing out of a parking space. The women told police they hit something, pulled forward, and the driver apparently hit the gas instead of the brake, and then they plowed through the parking barrier, eventually making their dramatic plunge onto the pavement.

It's unclear whether the driver may have been distracted. An onlooker said, "Theres no way unless they were texting and driving...just no way."

The car luckily didn't hit any other vehicles or shoppers that night.

KSWB reports the two women sustained injuries, but are expected to be OK.
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