Driver who got stuck in Escalade on METRO tracks had BAC nearly 3 times legal limit

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A suspected drunk driver was arrested for DWI after she drove her Cadillac Escalade onto METRO train tracks in north Houston, police say.

Authorities told ABC13 29-year-old Jeanette Perez was intoxicated around 12:45 a.m. as she drove southbound on North Main and entered the tracks at Hogan.

She continued to drive about 400 feet on the elevated portion of the tracks before her vehicle broke down and got stuck.

Because of where the SUV was positioned, a standard tow truck couldn't remove it.

Crews brought in special equipment to lift the Escalade off the tracks.

According to Sean Teare with the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Houston police and the Metro Police Department determined Perez was highly intoxicated.

Prosecutors say Perez had a blood alcohol content of .22, nearly three times the legal limit.

Authorities say they don't know where she was coming from.

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