Armed robbers shoot woman in the foot at hair salon in southeast Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Inside a small hair salon, police said a woman was shot in the foot during a robbery Monday afternoon.

"I've been knowing her since I was 6, so I'm concerned," Luciano Tello said.

A young customer saw the police cars and crime scene tape at the salon on Griggs Road, and pulled over, hoping to check in on the woman who he said has been robbed several times before

"She said she'd rather give the money than be shot. I don't know what happened."

However, customer Yonzon Manzano knows what happened because he was inside getting his hair cut.

He said two Hispanic men stormed in.

One was by the door, he said, and the other one had a gun and a bandana around his face, ordering him to the ground.

Manzano said he was hit on the head with a gun, and the armed suspect began searching him before taking his wallet. Then, he demanded the woman give him the money out of the register.

Next thing he heard was a gunshot and they were gone.

"She yelled out, 'They shot me,'" said Manzano in Spanish.

Police said the woman is expected to be okay. The suspects also took off with Manzano's $280 cash.

"Money comes and goes, but your life does not," he said in Spanish.

If you know anything about this crime, you are urged to call Houston police.

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