Philadelphia woman shot and killed in crossfire while getting food for young granddaughter

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania -- A Philidelphia woman's family said she was shot and killed in crossfire while she was going out to get her young granddaughter something to eat.

Deborah McClendon, 42, was shot and killed after a violent shootout Thursday night.

McClendon's family said she was coming home from a nearby chinese restaurant when gunfire rang out.

"She got caught in the crossfire coming home from the Chinese store all because her granddaughter wanted something to eat," said her daughter, Michelle McClendon.

No arrests have been made. Police said there was another shooting nearby where a 26-year-old was critically shot in the chest, and a 26-year-old woman was shot twice in the ankle.

Resident believe shootings are so frequent in the area, they often worry about getting shot when stepping out of their homes.

"You can't go to the store around here, you can't do nothing around this way," said McClendon.

Sadly, residents said it's become a way of life for them.

"Everybody around here is spooked," said family friend, Shelly Allen. "And it's not just because of that murder, there are too many murders around here, and it's considered to me like the whole block, you can't even go out of your house."

Now, 16-year-old Michelle, a 10th grader, is trying to figure out how she is going to get by without her mother.

"Doing what she wants me to do. She wanted me to finish school, graduate and just live a life," she said.

As McClendon's family seeks way to pay for her funeral expenses, McClendon's other daughter, Nikiya, said despite her grief, she went to her high school prom, but only because her mother wanted her to go.

She said she went in her memory.
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