Woman searches for man who saved her from submerged car

BOCA RATON, Florida (KTRK) -- A senior citizen in Florida is trying to find the good Samaritan who saved her life.

WPTV-TV reports a mystery man reportedly pulled Alice Modine, 94, out of her car after it went plunging into a lake after a storm.

She would like to find the man and thank him.

Pictures of the incident have been posted on Facebook showing the scary reality of how close Modine came to not making it out of her car before it sank into a lake.

She wants to know who saved her life.

"He was good looking probably in his 30s and I somehow think he may have been connected with the military at one time or now because he handled this whole thing so professionally," said Modine.

She added that the man even jumped back in the water to grab her purse and some items from the glove compartment.

Modine hopes the man will see her story and contact her.
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