Woman on the run for decades using 18 aliases apprehend by law enforcement

NASSAU CO., Florida -- She is a person of many identities, who apparently left a trail for investigators that crisscrossed the country for years.

Now, after 18 aliases and 33 cities in 14 states, including Texas, law enforcement caught up with Kimberly Kessler.

She is behind bars in Nassau County, Florida being questioned about the disappearance of a co-worker. Several reports say she is not talking to them and has asked for an attorney. WAWS-TV reported investigators believe Kessler knows what happened to Joleen Cummings. Cummings, Kessler's co-worker and mother of three, has not been seen for nearly a month.

"It's been 20 days. Our Joleen was taken from us and is presumed dead. It's been 20 days, we're on our hands and knees for Joleen to return home," said the Cummings mother Anne Johnson.

A hairdresser who turned 'wanted' by law enforcement, police say Kessler was arrested under the name of Jennifer Sybert -- another name she allegedly used was Pamela Kleber.

It took the Nassau County sheriff five-minutes to read the names of all the aliases she used. One of the names reportedly belonged to a fugitive.

Also, she reportedly used several fake drivers licenses.

Her mother reported her missing in 2004 in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

So far, Kessler has not been charged with any crime.