Houston woman finds 2ct diamond ring inside loaner car

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Finding a lost ring can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But if this bling belongs to you, it might be time to play the lottery.

A Houston woman says she found this 2ct diamond ring inside a loaner vehicle from Sterling McCall Lexus last week.

Now, Stacey is hoping to get the gorgeous ring back onto the hand it belongs to.

"So I think they can give me the size of the ring, possibly a picture with them wearing the ring and then they can tell me who the jeweler was that they have purchased it from, and also the wedding date," Stacey said.

Johnathan Nuncio with Wolf Diamonds says the platinum metal ring features a 2ct center stone with two trillion cuts on each side of the center.

"The two smaller stones on the side are going to be trillions, which are shaped like basically little bitty triangles," Nuncio said, "and then the center stone is a princess cut, elongated princess cut."

If you think the ring is yours, Stacey wants you to send an email to LostRing1991@gmail.com.

She says there are two distinguishing marks engraved on the inside. One of them seems to be a wedding date back from 1991. But, only the owner will know the full date along with the details on the other marking.

For security purposes, the ring is locked down in a safe at the jeweler and will be released if you can prove it's yours.
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