Woman discovers father's casket is missing from burial site

An investigation is underway after a casket went missing from a burial site in Indiana.

"My initial reaction is shock. I just didn't see a thing -- and I walked away. I had to tell the family that Dad was missing. His casket wasn't there," said Sandi Vasel, daughter.

WRTV reported that Charles Bovenschen died in 2006. Last week, his wife died and the plan was to have them buried together.

"When they opened the grave, they didn't find the shelf. The shelf would have been above my dad's casket to lay my mother on. What you're telling me is that my dad is not there? You don't know where my dad is at? 'Yes, we don't know where your dad is at. We don't know where he's at,'" Vasel said.

The missing casket could be a result of an error by the previous cemetery operator, WRTV reported.

A spokesperson for the cemetery said, "We deeply apologize to the family and have immediately launched an internal investigation into the matter."
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