Woman struggling with infertility delivers 15-pound baby

A New York mom can't wait to show off her record-breaking baby.

She's got a full head of hair and she's big. Really big.

"I knew she was gonna be big, but I didn't anticipate no 15-pound baby," Joi Buckley said.

Buckley is calling her bundle of joy a miracle.

Seven years ago, she and her husband were told they could never have children on their own. They gave up their struggle with infertility and adopted a daughter.

Two years later, they had a baby boy, and now they have 15-pound baby Harper.

She says she hopes her family inspires couples struggling with infertility to keep trying.

"Don't give up, cause it's right there," Buckley said. "It's definitely right there 'cause my kids are total proof of that."

The hospital that delivered the baby says she's the biggest in their history.

Her blood sugar is being monitored and should head home soon.
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