Woman charged after hitting 10-year-old boy at Houston school bus stop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman is charged with injury to a child with criminal negligence after she allegedly hit a 10-year-old boy after driving around a stopped school bus.

Officers say Brandy McGrew drove around the bus as it was unloading, disregarding the flashing red lights, and hitting the child in the middle of Hearth and Westridge in southwest Houston.

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There were two vehicles stopped behind the bus waiting for the children to cross. Despite that, police say McGrew drove around the two vehicles and the bus and hit the child. Court records say the child hit the front passenger's side of the vehicle and landed on the hood, hitting the windshield. The boy then flew over the vehicle and landed in the street.

Maria Eruka witnessed the crash.

"I thought he was dead because the collision sound was so loud, so at that time I thought the boy was dead," recalled Eruka.

The boy was rushed to the hospital. The father of the boy says his son's leg was broken but thankfully, he's doing okay.

Since the incident, parents like Khadeeja Abdulhakeem have been acting as crossing guards at the stop.

Westridge is a busy four lane road with no median. The bus stops and lets off dozens of students who live in nearby apartments. Some of them have to cross three lanes of traffic.

"The cars still go, even though the stop sign is on the bus, it comes out, they don't stop, so we just make sure the kids get off safely," said Abdulhakeem.

The bus driver said he'd only been stopped for 15 seconds when the boy was hit and says people drive around the bus stop at least three or four times a year.

"I feel like, if you see a bus, it only takes five minutes out of your day to stop and make sure the kids get across and get home," said Abdulhakeem.

Abdulhakeem wants HISD to add crossing guards to the stop. ABC13 reached out to the district and they said they will get back to us.

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