Police say woman attacked man with car bumper due to his lack of child support

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- A woman has been charged in connection with an attack of a man in Milwaukee.

Shamba Joseph is charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety, criminal damage to property, resisting or obstructing an officer, and disorderly conduct.

WITI reports that according to a criminal complaint, on Monday, March 25, officers responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

When they arrived, they found Joseph's behavior to be "combative." The officers said she was being loud and boisterous, insisting that the whole incident started because of the man involved's financial situation and lack of support for their child.

Officers spoke to the man on the scene. He said he ran into Joseph, who is the mother of his child. He parked his vehicle and Joseph approached him, engaging in a verbal altercation.

The man claimed that Joseph picked up a large brick from the street and attempted to strike him. He then jumped into his vehicle to leave the scene as he, "feared for his safety."

He then said Joseph "began to repeatedly strike his vehicle with her vehicle." He stated that she intentionally struck his vehicle and caused his vehicle to exit the road way and land in the front yard of a nearby home.

Joseph then exited her vehicle and began to physically strike the man, at one point even swinging a car bumper that had fallen off of his vehicle.

The entire altercation was captured on video by someone nearby.

Joseph faces up to 12-and-a-half years in prison and $25,000 in fines if she is convicted. She's due back in court on April 5.
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