Woman arrested after living with dead boyfriend's remains for weeks, police say

MONROE, Michigan -- A Michigan woman has been arrested after living with her dead boyfriend's remains.

She is accused of hiding her 61-year-old boyfriend's dead body for a month or more, police say.

Police discovered the incident after family members of the boyfriend reported that they had not seen or heard from him in weeks.

She was still using his bank card and told the judge that her boyfriend was her only means of support.

According to reports obtained by WDIV, the man's remains were found sitting in a chair, right by the front door.

Authorities believe she wanted to be able to stay in the apartment, along with receiving his financial benefits.

Police say she has an extensive record including stalking, breaking and entering, and malicious destruction of property and will be charged with "Concealing the Death of Another" which can carry a five year sentence.