Gunman shoots Spring ISD teacher's car while parked at elementary school

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- Even before the students at Hoyland Elementary got out of school, alert parents saw police cars and realized something was going on.

"I was wondering why the police car was there, because I normally just pull up at the school and just wait until they release at 3:15," said DeShawn Kelly, who was waiting for her son.

Spring ISD confirmed to Eyewitness News that a teacher found bullet holes in the back of her car. The district is not sure if the shooting happened on school grounds, but police with the school district began an investigation Wednesday.

"That makes me concerned, especially if it was at school," said mom Runetta Martain. "During school time! I mean, our children are right there. That means someone's shooting on campus, that doesn't make me feel safe about this school."

While talking with parents, Eyewitness News heard several school wide announcements made shortly before school dismissal. A voice on the intercom told teachers to make sure letters were with every student. Dismissal was delayed about 10 minutes.

Moms and dads were just beginning to read the letters as they walked their children out of the school. Many were surprised.

"It makes you want to home school your kids," said Martain. "Kids can't go to the movies, they can't go to the park, they can't go to school now, so it's like, this is getting crazy."

The school district says a stray bullet was recovered from the teacher's car, but nobody knows what led to the shooting, nor the exact time it happened. Nobody was hurt.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Hoyland was vandalized and several windows were broken. However, Spring ISD does not believe the two incidents were related.
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