Wild police chase caught on camera after Harvey victim robbed at gunpoint

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Harvey victim chases thieves that robbed him (KTRK)

A Harvey victim was in the middle of a wild police chase, all because he said he was trying to pay his contractor in cash.

Splendora Police say it happened Tuesday, lasting for four-five miles down Highway 59, crossing Liberty and Montgomery Counties.

They told Eyewitness News it all started when Harvey flood victim Bo Mcanally was robbed at gunpoint.

"I went to the bank to get some money to pay for the guy working on my house," said Mcanallay.

He says he's trying to fix up a home, raised on stilts, after his home next door flooded during the hurricane.

On Tuesday, he says after getting $1,800 cash from the bank, he stopped at a gas station.

"While I'm in there, I glance out and see my truck and see my door open. So I run out there by that time they took off."

Splendora Police Chief Wally Wieghat says three men in a black Impala followed Mcanally from the bank to a gas station.

It's a crime called jugging.

"What they do is typically sit at banks and places where people cash their checks and they'll watch them," said Wieghat.

Refusing to give up his cash Mcanally got in his truck and followed the car.

The pursuit passed by the Splendora police chief.

"At first I assumed they were racing, so I immediately gave chase," Wieghat said.

In his dash cam video you can see speeds reach up to 123 mph as he trails the chase, swerving through highway traffic, and barely missing flying debris.

It only ended when multiple agencies converged to create a roadblock on the feeder road of Highway 59.

Mcanally was originally detained and cuffed at the scene but was later released.

"He was very upset as I can well understand because it was his money from Hurricane Harvey to fix his house," said Wieghat.

During that chase police say the driver, Isaiah Moses was seen throwing cash out the window.

They were only able to find $918 of the original $1,800.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office charged Moses with evading police and tampering with evidence.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office charged Moses along with the two passengers, Francisco Riasco and Denzel Lawson each with aggravated robbery.

Splendora Police are working to share this case information with Houston Police to see if the three are connected to other jugging cases.

They also tell us the gun involved is missing, they believe it was thrown from the car during the chase, and they haven't been able to find it.
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