Everyone online? Here's how to fix your weak WiFi

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With parents working from home and kids taking online classes, there are many demands on a home's WiFi network. But there are some things you can do to boost your bandwidth.

Consumer Reports tech editor, Nicholas DeLeon, says you should first make sure your router is in an optimal location.

"Think of a router as an electronic traffic cop. What it does is it directs the internet connection from your internet service provider throughout your home in the form of WiFi," DeLeon said. "For the best results, you should place your WiFi router in the center of your home, so the signal can reach as much of your home as possible."

It's also helpful to know which items in your house can act as a WiFi roadblock. That includes brick walls, floors, closed doors and appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves where the WiFi signal may bounce off and not pass through.

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Water can also be a culprit.

"Water absorbs radiation, so your WiFi may have trouble near pools, tubs, and even a fish tank," DeLeon said.

If you're using multiple newer devices, it may be time for a new router, especially if your current model is more than three years old.

If you live in an older house and are having WiFi issues, thick walls might be absorbing your signal.

Consider using a mesh network -- that's a group of devices -- and put a unit near the room where you need a boost.

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