Man finds job within 24 hours of watching ABC13's Who's Hiring

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Each and every week ABC13 consumer reporter Chelsey Hernandez searches for jobs in the Houston area that may suit you.

Now, she's sharing the story of a man who got hired 24 hours after seeing ABC13's "Who's Hiring in Houston" post.

"I moved here from northeast Wisconsin. Machine shops want you in state before they will do any hiring, so I moved here without a job," CNC machinist Franz Uttendorfer said.

Without a job but with a plan, Uttendorfer searched the internet for a machinist job and stumbled across "Who's Hiring in Houston."

"I happened to see your news broadcast that said, 'Who's Hiring in Houston' and Kemlon came up," Uttendorfer said.

Kemlon was hiring CNC machinists, which is a skill Uttendorfer has a lot of experience in.

"I thought it was great. It was a great service that you have been putting on TV," Uttendorfer said.

Also, for local businesses looking to hire, Chris Ring, manager of engineering at Kemlon says this community service has everyone else beat.

"If you're on Indeed there's hundreds of companies that have these listings," Ring said. "It's hard to sift through it, but when you come on ABC13 your name is the one that's out there. It's a much better opportunity for those looking for a job."

Ring also says Kemlon has about a dozen more CNC machinist jobs to fill. You can apply online at

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