A look inside moving day at the White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KTRK) -- At 10:30am on Inauguration Day, President Obama and his family will say goodbye to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He and President-elect Trump will meet again before heading to the inaugural ceremony, and as soon as they walk out the door, the White House Chief Usher and almost 100 staffers will swing into action.

"It's more like organized chaos," said former White House Chief Usher Stephen Rochon. "We have one truck on the south lawn that belongs to the outgoing president and First Family facing south, and the incoming truck facing north toward the White House on the east side of the south grounds."

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Extreme Makeover: White House Edition requires all hands on deck since it's a race against the clock -- they only have six hours to transform the 132-room mansion into the new First Family's home.

"In the case of the Obamas, they had two precious girls that wanted a girly-type room," Rochon recalled. "Anything can be changed on the second and third floor, which are the private floors for the First Family."

For the First Family, no detail is too small: Rochon recalled installing a custom shower head for President Obama.

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It's not yet clear what the Trump family is requesting, but the President-elect has already said that his focus will be on "working [...] not decorating."

As movers carry furniture in and out of the White House, personal items will be carefully organized from moving trucks.

Dining rooms will be redecorated and set up while the kitchen staff cooks up an inaugural snack to get the new First Family through all those late-night balls.

The Oval Office will get a little sprucing up as well, with new paintings on the walls, a carpet cleaning and technology upgrades.

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