What to do if you find a baby bird or other animal on the ground after Hurricane Laura

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Humans aren't the only ones at risk of being injured or displaced by severe weather -- wild animals are also vulnerable during a severe storm like Hurricane Laura.

Houston SPCA's Wildlife Center of Texas provided the following information in the event you encounter an injured animal after the storm passes:

When it is safe to go outside, be aware that there could be birds on the ground under trees or around fallen branches. Baby birds could have been blown from their nest, and larger birds may be so waterlogged that they are unable to fly.

If you find a waterlogged bird, pick the animal up with a soft cloth and put it into a ventilated box with enough room for the bird to stand up. Don't give it food or water. Release the bird outside once the animal is warm and dry.

If you find an uninjured baby bird on the ground, you can try to place it back into its nest. If there's no nest around or you can't reach the nest, here's what the SPCA recommends: "Place the baby bird in a hanging basket with drainage (use a laundry basket for birds of prey) and hang the basket from a tree limb or attach it to the trunk near where you found the bird. Wait and watch for the mother bird to return; your scent will not deter the mother from caring for the baby. If there is no activity within two hours, bring the baby bird in."

SPCA said birds that are injured or covered in flies or ants should be brought in for immediate medical attention.

Visit the SPCA's website for more information about how to help squirrels, opossums, rabbits and other kinds of injured animals.

The Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition, another animal rescue organization that is not affiliated with the SPCA, can be reached by phone at 713-468-8972. TWRC recommends contacting their office as soon as possible when you find a sick or injured animal in order to determine the best next steps.

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