What to buy and not buy in September

Fall is just around the corner, but before you go on a shopping spree for the new season, here's a list of what you should and shouldn't buy this month, according to Nerdwallet.

You'll want to keep an eye out for additional savings on mattresses, especially right now with Sears at Memorial City Mall going out of business.

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It's rumored Apple is getting ready to release new iPhones this month, so retailers will likely discount last year's models up to $100 off.

September is the month to buy plane tickets for your holiday travel, according to CheapAir.com. Fares for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's flights will increase in October, so book now before they go up.

Hold off on buying TVs this month. You'll see bigger and better deals in November for Black Friday and even in late January ahead of Super Bowl weekend.

Don't give into the Halloween costumes on display just yet. Stores are already pushing seasonal decorations, but hold off until October when Halloween sales spike.

By the way, Sept. 29 is National Coffee Day, so keep an eye out for freebies on social media.
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