Rebecca Suhrheinrich's body believed to be dismembered by man she was dating, police say

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Investigators say a man accused of killing a Houston woman who went missing last week likely dismembered her body at her apartment.

Just released charging documents reveal that 46-year-old Jeffery McDonald, charged Tuesday in the murder of Rebecca Suhrheinrich, took the pieces of her body to a location on Greens Road.

"Detectives went to the Greens Road location and located a torso under a sheet, believed to be Rebecca Suhrheinrich," charging documents read.

McDonald was arrested just after midnight after he was found in the middle of a street, taking his clothes off. He was taken for medical attention as he appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

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Authorities announce arrest in case of murdered Houston woman

Authorities say McDonald and Suhrheinrich had been dating for about a month. Witnesses say McDonald was frequently seen at Suhrheinrich's apartment.

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How did Rebecca Suhrheinrich and Jeffrey McDonald know each other?

Neighbors say they often heard Suhrheinrich fighting with a man, but they say last Thursday things turned bad.

"It was like boom boom boom, like loud," said Ashley, who lives above Suhrheinrich's apartment.

What we know about missing Houston woman's alleged killer
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Jeffrey Andre McDonald is wanted in the murder of 58-year-old Rebecca Suhrheinrich.

It is unknown if McDonald was the man she was heard arguing with, but Ashley recalled a chilling account of Suhrheinrich's final moments of the night before her disappearance.

"Like dang, like that doesn't sound like how normal when they would be fighting," Ashley said.

Ashley says the screams grew louder and louder.

"It's very shocking, I mean, when you hear it happening at the moment. Thursday night it was happening near me, and my cousin heard somebody say, 'Help me,'" explained Ashley.

Shortly after that, Ashley says she heard big bangs up against the wall.

"It was like a person or an object was getting thrown against the wall, so I was like, 'Should I call the police, because they're always fighting?' Me and my cousin was like, we'll just mind our own business," Ashley said.

Body found in Greens Bayou may be missing woman, sheriff says
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Sheriff: Body found in bayou may be missing woman

The next day, the 58-year-old accountant didn't show up for work. Worried co-workers came to the home Monday after she was a no-show again.

Investigators say the apartment was locked but in disarray, and that's when they started talking with neighbors and tracking down clues.

"They said there was a lot of blood in the apartment and that she was missing, so it really alarmed me," said neighbor Helena Curvey.

Homicide investigators spent Monday night collecting evidence. Tuesday afternoon, deputies were led to Greens Bayou, where a woman's body was found. Detectives believe it's Suhrheinrich.

"It's shocking, I mean, you only see stuff like this on TV and to have it happen right under you," added Ashley.

A medical examiner is scheduled to perform an autopsy to positively identify the body and determine the cause of death.

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Investigators comb ransacked apartment of woman missing for days in north Harris County
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A woman has been missing for days in north Harris County.

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