Getting the most out of your FSA funds

If you have a health flexible spending account (FSA), don't forget that you may have some money to spend -- but before you do, you might want to take a look at your policy.

Some employers allow employees to carry over $500, others allow a grace period into the new year to use the funds. However, some employers don't allow any of those before-tax dollars to be carried over to the next year at all.

If that's the case, you might want to head over to to check what out a full list of what you can buy. To make it easier, we broke it down to what you need with and without a prescription.

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So let's think about our kids. We don't need a prescription to buy them baby or children's sunscreen, bandages, thermometers or first aid kits.

If you're a mom who's trying to have a baby or already expecting, you don't need a prescription to buy pregnancy and fertility tests, prenatal vitamins or breast pumps.

You can also use your FSA without a prescription for contact lenses and eye glass care, motion sickness medicine, shoe insoles and orthopedic aids.

You do need a prescription from a doctor to use your FSA on most medicines, skin treatments and sleep aids.

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