Texas City residents woke up to floods after record-setting rain

TEXAS CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Texas City residents woke up to cleaning up this Sunday morning.

On Saturday much of the city was drenched in rain for hours on end.

That created a street flooding in many neighborhoods including the area off Palmer Highway near 34th Street.

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Some roads were impassable for smaller cars.

However, that didn't stop some drivers from trying and as a result, their cars got stuck for several hours and had to be towed.

Some of the neighborhoods around the area streets were flooded for several hours with the water edged close to dozens of area homes.

Although water did not get into many houses, some were not spared.

One neighbor told us the only reason water got into her home was because another neighbor drove his large truck too fast through the streets, pushing the water inside.

Eyes will remain on the sky, hoping the rain does not last too long.
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