Police officer helps family buy clothes after theirs were stolen from motel

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Sgt. Andrew Brewer of the Westampton Township Police Department helped a mom buy new clothes at Target after theirs had been stolen from their motel's laundry room.
Westampton Township Police Department/Facebook

A New Jersey police officer earned his badge in good will when he helped a family after their clothes had been stolen.

Sgt. Andrew Brewer and Ofc. Joshua Wood of the Westampton Township police department responded to a call of a family whose clothes had been stolen from their motel on Jan. 4. The mom had accidentally fallen asleep while doing laundry and woke up to discover that her children's clothes were missing, according to NJ.com.

"Her children only had pajamas to wear back to their commute to Massachusetts," the Westampton Township Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

Brewer accompanied the family to the store, helping pick out items that were purchased with funds from an anonymous donor.

"She was very ecstatic about it. She was overwhelmingly happy and grateful for us coming to her need and helping her in this incident," Brewer told NJ.com. "I put myself in her position, having children of my own, and realizing how distraught and upset I would be."

A photo of Brewer and the family was posted to the police department's Facebook page, where the mom can be seen smiling and one of the kids playfully making bunny ears behind the officer's head.

"Going that extra mile is always worth the effort and is the greatest community service tool you have," wrote one Facebook user.

"Great way to start the New Year officers! Thank you!" commented another.

Brewer told NJ.com that the kids were having a lot of fun while shopping and that he enjoyed performing a good deed for the family. "It feels great just to give back to the community you serve."