Homes in west Houston flood for 4th time in 26 months

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Homeowners in west Houston are among those whose homes flooded in this morning's heavy downpours.

Among them is the Wuescher family. Their home has taken on water now four times in the last 26 months.

"It's very upsetting," said Lucie Wuescher. "This is where our family has fun. It's our home and [we] never like to see this."

It's upsetting, she says, particularly because they've lived in the Lakeside Forest neighborhood only three years. She says the previous owners did not clearly disclose the flooding or what was done to attempt to keep the floods from reoccurring.

The home, in the 10000 block of Riverview Drive, is built right off the original stem of Buffalo Bayou. The waterway was moved over 60 years ago, according to the Harris County Flood Control District. The home was built on a slope with the lower portion at an elevation much lower than the rest of the house.

The Wuescher's have complained to the city of Houston, Army Corps of Engineers and Harris County Flood Control District, hoping someone can come up with a solution.

They say the storm that caused the three and four feet of floodwater inside that lower level of their home was not supposed to be this bad.

"It's still frustrating that on this type of rain event that we experience this type of flood," Wuescher said.

At least two neighbors flooded as well.

Matt Zeve at the Harris County Flood Control District says, "There's no change we can make to protect that one particular home."

The Wueschers have insurance, however they're upset most about their property appraisal increasing every year, despite the repeated flooding.

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