Couples celebrate cannabis at Las Vegas 'weeding' chapel

Thursday, April 21, 2016
Couples celebrate cannabis at 'weeding' chapel
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Couples at this chapel have high hopes for the future

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Couples who wed at a brand-new Las Vegas chapel hope their love isn't the only thing growing.

The Cannabis Chapel celebrated its first couple getting married inside its halls on 4-20, a day marijuana users observe each year.

"It's a day of love and celebration for us," says Natalie Rice, the chapel's first bride. She married Lee Rice on Wednesday.

Natalie says she suffers from back problems, and that medical marijuana changed her life.

"I tend to get angry and it can cause problems in our relationship, but it helps to the point where we are able to be happy together," Natalie says.

As of now, marijuana isn't permitted at these 'weeding' ceremonies.

In November, voters will decide if recreational use of marijuana should be legal in Nevada.