Why are we expecting such strong winds Friday evening?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houstonians are no strangers to severe weather when it comes to hurricanes and flooding, but Friday's system is rare.

The weather system is totally different than what we usually see come through the area, without the influence of tropical moisture and without the risk of flooding.

Because the jet stream is backing the entire squall line that is developing, we will see very brief storm activity that moves through very quickly with winds up to 75 and 80 mph.

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The ABC13 Weather Team will be posting frequent severe weather updates at the link above throughout the day and night.

This happens because the jet stream is up to 30,000 feet high, and backed up into one line, from surface to elevated. This causes the entire stream to push in like a wall with a lot of energy.

Around 3 p.m. or 4 p.m., the ABC13 weather team will be looking to see if isolated storm threats form. These are the storms that would have the highest risk of forming tornadoes.

Collin Myers believes this threat will likely miss the greater Houston area to the north.

To see Collin's breakdown of the future track and how this storm could affect your area, watch the video above.

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