Water continues to rise in Montgomery Co. neighborhoods

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- A tense scene continues to unfold for families living along the San Jacinto River, as water gets dangerously close to their homes. Hours after the pounding storms, the threat is still there.

On Monday, the river level in Porter bottomed out at 11.17 feet, with a discharge rate of 133 cubic feet per second. On Thursday, the river crested at 31.10 feet -- roughly 20 feet higher than Monday -- and has a discharge rate of 22,900 cubic feet per second. That's equivalent to all the water in an Olympic-size swimming pool passing by every 4 seconds.

At Brandon Harmon's home on Lake Point Drive, water from the San Jacinto is in his garage and lapping at the doorstep.

"It's coming up quick and if they keep letting the water out, we're going to get some water in the house," he said. "We're about two inches away."

Some residents say the flooding is no surprise.

"Pretty used to it. We have lived here since '96 and had a house on the ground and finally tore it down and built up so we don't flood near as much," resident Mike Gillinger said.

The Northshore neighborhood near Highway 59 where it crosses the river is one of a handful nervously watching the water rise after recent rains.

"When we have a situation like we've had in the last week with so much rain, Conroe letting water out of the dam, we get it," said Northshore resident Jackie Smelley.

Most people we talked to have already removed everything of value and say they endure days like this because of the day to day benefits of living on the water.

"The tradeoff is to get in our boat and sit in the sun and relax," said Smelley. "It's nice."

The office of emergency management says the problems will likely last through the weekend for several neighborhoods in the area that will see rising water.

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