Tropical Wave in the Gulf to bring heavy rains this week

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Humberto has been upgraded to a category one hurricane with max wind speeds of 75 mph. Humberto is expected to move to the northeast, further out into the Atlantic, as we head into the start of the week.

Here near home, a huge area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere is moving westward through the Gulf, and it will eventually spin some tropical moisture toward Texas. This upper low has a low chance of transitioning into a tropical depression, but regardless of development, it should send heavy thunderstorms into southeast Texas Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

A few tropical waves over the Atlantic could develop into tropical depressions or tropical storms early next week. While their long range futures remain uncertain, earlier indications are they will curve away from the Gulf of Mexico. We'll keep an eye on them just in case. After Humberto, the next names on the list are Imelda and Jerry.

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