FULL VIDEO: President Donald Trump promises federal aid to storm-ravaged Texas

WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Monday prepared to visit Texas to view the federal government's response to Harvey's devastating flooding as his administration vowed to help the millions of residents dealing with the catastrophic storm.

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During a press conference Monday afternoon, Trump spoke about the historic flooding in Texas saying, "to the people of Texas and Louisiana, we are 100 percent with you. We are praying for you," and added that the rebuilding process will begin soon.

Trump said federal cash for storm-ravaged areas in Texas and elsewhere will arrive quickly. He says to people suffering from Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding that "You're going to have what you need and it's going to go fast."

Trump added that he's spoken with members of Congress and "everybody feels for" people in the storm's path.

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The storm has dumped historic amounts of rain on areas in and around Houston, which continues to flood. Deaths have been blamed on Hurricane Harvey, the first major natural disaster of Trump's presidency.

Trump is sending a message of support to people of Texas and Louisiana suffering from historic rain and flooding. "We will get through this. We will come out stronger and believe me we will be bigger, better, stronger than ever before."

Trump is expected to visit the region beginning Tuesday.
Trump says protecting American lives is his top priority as Harvey continues to pound the U.S. Gulf Coast.

During the press conference, he said "every asset" he can muster is at the disposal of local officials in Houston and other areas suffering under historic rainfall and flooding.

Trump adds that "there's probably never been anything like" the storm and that "recovery will be a long and difficult road."

During the press conference, the president of Finland took questions alongside Trump. They discussed the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, and Trump answered questions from reporters on the pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the wall in Mexico.
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