Tree crashes down on parked vehicle in northwest Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Oak Forest neighborhood was startled when a large old Oak tree came crashing down near 34th and T.C. Jester Sunday night.

"I thought someone rammed the house with a car," said Cindy Mican, car crushed by oak tree.

"It sounded like an explosion," said neighbor John Jenkins.

An unimaginable sound quickly grabbed the attention of everyone in a northwest side Houston neighborhood, especially 90-year-old Earl Bruce, who was watching Sunday night football.

"Man I heard this crash my God I had no idea thought it was a truck," said Bruce.

Instead they saw an uprooted tree steps away from Bruce's front door.

"That's one big tree," said Bruce reacting to what he saw.

Underneath it was Cindy Mican's car.

"I had it three years it was a birthday present," said Mican.

Bruce said he moved here in 1961 and the surrounding trees have been around much longer. They said after this weekend's rain they imagine this was bound to happen.

"Thank God we are OK that's what matters," said Mican.

"This we can live with it -- happens every day and that's Mother Nature," said Bruce smiling.
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