Travis Herzog debunks viral image of computer model forecasting hurricane in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Remember that computer model forecast of a hurricane hitting Houston eight days from now that went viral on Friday?

Well Friday night that same computer model made a new prediction, and here is its forecast for the same time next Sunday. There's no hurricane.

This computer model is notorious for trying to destroy every inch of the Gulf Coast in it's 7-14 day forecasts multiple times every hurricane season.

Do not let these kinds of images mess with your emotions!

Meanwhile, the best computer model in the world has consistently shown absolutely zero hurricane development in the Gulf for days now. But those images won't go viral.

I pledge to not waste your time with bogus computer model images on Facebook this hurricane season.

I pledge to post only on legitimate threats from real storms, not "phantom-canes."

I also pledge, when appropriate, to shoot down panic-inducing rumors of storms that go viral like I did in my previous post Friday night (see that post for more context).

All that said, it is hurricane season. We should always be prepared. And next week I will be keeping an eye on the western Gulf as deeper tropical moisture from the Caribbean moves in.

But is there a legitimate hurricane threat to Houston right now? No.

And I hope it stays that way.
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