Strong storms leave mark across The Woodlands

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The strong storm system also left its mark in the Woodlands area Sunday morning (KTRK)

A routine Sunday morning for Jeanne Middleton was interrupted by a big storm in her Millbend Forest neighborhood.

"I was having my morning paper and the wind started blowing," says Middleton.

She wondered next why the leaves were on her skylight and then something much heavier was moving.

She says, "The truck we were going to sell was half in the air I said why is the truck in the air."

At Beals Tree Service the phone started ringing at 8am.

Neal Beal says, "I've got a big job on the next street. There's a tree on a roof."

Cranes, manpower and a lot of experience help them make their way down the street as the co-owner of the company adds, "It looks like a twister. Because the trees are twisted and not just blown over."

And that four letter word is in the forecast again.

Beal teases, "Rain, no rain, rain is a cuss word."

Jeanne Middleton has cleanup but compared to some of her neighbors she considers herself lucky saying, "It all buckled but didn't fall over."

Many residents in the area hardest hit say they didn't expect to spend their holiday weekend cleaning up storm debris.

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