Rosenberg considers 'no wake zone' to deter drivers during flooding

ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- To help neighbors living along flood-prone streets, Rosenberg is considering citing drivers who cause wakes.

People living on Damon Street in Rosenberg are familiar with flooding.

"The water fills up tremendously," Bertha Osuna said. "It fills up all the way down the street."

Osuna said the water hasn't reached her home yet, but it's getting closer thanks to people driving through her flooded street.

"When they zoom fast the water shifts and comes in on both sides," Osuna said.

This isn't just on her street, but about a dozen others across the city. Because of this, Rosenberg council is considering a "no wake" ordinance.

It wouldn't apply to all city roads, just 12 prone to flooding. If passed, a person caught causing wakes, could get a misdemeanor and pay up to a $200 fine.

"It would help," Osuna said. "It would make you think twice. When I got a lot of tickets and I couldn't pay for them I started being a lot more careful about how I drove."

While neighbors have captured drivers doing this, photos wouldn't mean tickets. In order for drivers to get cited, police would have to witness the act.

"I mean, is the city really going to sit a cop out here to mandate that?" Osuna asked.

Rosenberg council is still working on the proposal. It was discussed this week and took another step forward.

Although enforcement might be tough, Osuna is happy to hear the discussion because she's worried joyriding drivers might cause serious property damage.

"It's nerve racking to think that you may get flooded," Osuna said.

The city knows it would need to educate drivers about what areas are no wake zones. Officials say they're considering signage, so that way you'd know before you entered the flooded street.
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