Lake Charles residents speak after Tropical Storm Cindy makes landfall

Lake Charles, LOUISIANA (KTRK) -- Lake Charles residents are relieved after Tropical Storm Cindy failed to hit the area as hard as expected.

"A thunderstorm maybe 10 years ago or 15 years ago would have been nothing," explained restaurant owner Kathi Vidrine. "Now we panic because we have gone through so much. So, you can understand the mood we're in."

Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall early in the morning at the border of Texas and Louisiana.

It's the exact same spot Hurricane Rita hit in 2005.

Hurricane Ike also devastated the area in 2008.

"Storms have names like children," explained Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach. "Each one has a personality, each one has different characteristics and reacts to things in different ways."

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