Houston residents anxious for help with flood debris

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You could see a giant claw and dumpster just around the corner from Lillian Price's Meyerland home Wednesday morning. Price says, "We ran out and threw a bunch of stuff."

Last week the rains came down. Price says, "The water was brown, really brown." Since then the debris has really stacked up. The longtime homeowner says, "It smells horrible. The stench is overwhelming and I'm afraid there's going to be animals or insects."

Price wasn't sure just when it would be hauled away. She adds, "I called them and they said they couldn't give me any kind of timetable, any schedule."

A city map shows where the majority of the 311 calls for help have come from the past week. Almost 2000 structures with damage have been surveyed so far.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says, "We have teams of folks literally going door to door in the effected neighborhoods, making our own notes so that we can upload that data to FEMA." City Council was updated on flood cleanup progress at their meeting on Wednesday.

Price says, "You're sitting there like what to do, what to do next, should I do anything." In her 81 years she has never been through anything like this.

She says there are, "Lots of questions and very few answers unfortunately." Now it's just one day at a time. "It's very frustrating to say the least. Your city government at work. They can only do what they can do," says Price.

For more information about the City of Houston Solid Waste Management Department and its services, residents may check online at www.houstonsolidwaste.org, on Facebook, on twitter @houstontrash or call 311, the City of Houston's Customer Service Hotline.

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