Potential tropical weather in Gulf not headed for Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Potential tropical development in the Gulf is nothing for Texas to worry about.

The National Hurricane Center says there's a high probability that low pressure in the Bay of Campeche could develop into a tropical cyclone the next five days. But upper level winds will likely steer it away from Texas.

The broad area of low pressure just off the coast of Mexico is poorly organized and, as a result, forecast models currently offer no helpful guidance on where the storm might track. However, prevailing winds across the northern Gulf are blowing west-to-east. So if a storm does develop, it will probably track eastward toward the Yucatan Peninsula, Cuba and possibly southern Florida.

While southeast Texas won't get rain from the storm, we'll benefit from the northeast winds blowing around the edge of the circulation. Temperatures will remain comfortable this week with lower humidity.

Hurricane Hunters are scheduled to fly into the storm and take atmospheric measurements on Tuesday if the storm continues to show signs of development.
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