Erosion puts Montgomery County home at risk of falling into San Jacinto River

CONROE, TX (KTRK) -- The flooding San Jacinto River is leaving one home hanging on the edge. The home on San Jacinto Drive near Conroe looks like it's about to fall into the river.

The woman who rents this house says she's more concerned with floodwater getting into the home than she is with the house falling into the river.

"Every time it floods like this, it gets closer and closer," nearby resident Greg Villareal said.

But the woman who lives in the home is not worried about it sliding into the San Jacinto River anytime soon.

"I'm sure eventually over time everything, with erosion everything changes. So eventually, yes. But I won't be here when that comes," said Shawn Burton, who's leasing the home.

Burton has rented in this house about a year. She says landlord told her about the erosion happening under the corner of the home, and at first ,Burton says she was not too sure about moving in.

"When I first seen the house I thought, 'Oh no, not possible, it's bad.' But after talking to several people that have been out here for many years, this house has been exactly like this for many years," she said.

Burton says enough fill material is in place to keep erosion from claiming the home for years to come, even though it looks like the house could go into the river at any moment.

"There's dirt that's missing but it's been like this for years. It's not something that happened last night or last week," she said.

Burton removed all her valuables earlier this week, not because of erosion, but because she worried the river would flood into the house. It did not and so she's making plans to move back in when the river level goes down.

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