It's cold in Houston, and just getting colder

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- With temperatures expected to drop to some of the lowest this season, Houstonians braced for more frigid air.

On Monday morning, people bundled up from head to toe made their way to work across the city.
In the Medical Center, most said they're not big fans of the 30-degree temperatures. Others, like Michelle Cohen, pointed out, things could be worse.

"I'm from Chicago. This is awesome," said Cohen. "This is warm. I just got back from Chicago last night and they're expecting a high of 0 on Wednesday."

At the River Oaks Plant House in west Houston, experts like Edwardo Ramirez warned people should prepare for the cold weather. He pointed out wind can be worse than the temperature.

"Wind is the factor that kills the plants. If you have a plant on a balcony, you should bring it down to ground level and protect it from the wind," said Ramirez. "Get something that is cloth. Plastic is going to damage the plant ... anything that is breathable."

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