How to build an igloo

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AccuWeather explains how to make an igloo, step by step. (AccuWeather)

Do you wanna build an igloo? AccuWeather explains how it's done.

The first step is to choose a spot where the snow is at least two feet deep. Also make sure you work in a place with hard, packed snow, not soft snow. Finding a hill or slope cuts down on how long it will take you, but it can also be done on flat ground.

The next step is to make an outline. Try to shape it as accurately as possible.

Then work from the inside out. Build blocks of snow using a hand saw, machete, snow knife or any kind of long-bladed knife. The size of the blocks doesn't matter, but they do need to be rectangular.

After you've completed the first row, cut a slant in the first few blocks. That's how it forms a dome shape as you stack the bricks. Make sure the top of your first row is smooth, then start on the next row.

Continue to stack, leveling and shaping as necessary. Add your final block at the top, then cut it down to finish shaping out the igloo.

Before you enjoy the igloo, it's very important to cut crescent-shaped holes in the side so you don't get carbon dioxide poisoning.

The last step is to cut your entrance. Clear any snow away from the entrance in an upward slope. You can use any snow you cut away to make an entrance cover for added protection.

Then you're done! Time to enjoy your snowy hideaway.
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