How a meteorologist's husband prepares for a hurricane

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- You aren't the only one preparing for the possibility of hunkering down as Hurricane Harvey aims at Texas.

While she's here with our team tracking the storm around the clock, meteorologist Elita Loresca's husband will be at home playing Mr. Mom to two little ones.

We figured who better to ask about storm prep tips than the spouse of a meteorologist?

Ryan Nuveman said he has one go-to gadget to weather the storm.

"It's a neat little square grill that runs on propane, that you plug the propane tank into and you start it up like you would anything electric like your stovetop, if you have an electric stovetop," Nuveman said. "It allows you to cook without as much mess, you don't have the charcoal, you don't have the smoke, you don't have the smell."

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Ryan Nuveman, husband of Elita Loresca, shares the one tool he can't live without in a hurricane.

Nuveman said the grill comes in handy, especially if you need to boil water to drink and bathe in.

"It's not just drinking water, yeah we want to have drinking water if the drinking water is affected by the storm, but it's also important to have water that you can boil, that you can have water that you can --you need to be able to boil the water to use it for drinking, for lots of other things," he said.

Ryan tells us his rule of thumb is to always prepare for the unexpected, with things like an emergency storm kit.

He also suggests some board games and other distractions for the little ones.

"One of the advantages of being married to a weather personality is they have a little bit further outlook on how likely it's going to happen," Nuveman said. "But it's always good to go get in the car and go get water and all that stuff at the grocery store as early as you get wind that this might be happening."

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