411 On Floods

411 On Floods
The most common type of natural hazard is flooding. This is a great concern for coastal cities, especially the Houston area. It is important to be prepared and to have a plan to protect both your lives and personal property. With this in mind ABC13 brings you the "411 on Floods", sponsored by Flood Safe USA. Get the info you need to be safe and ready during storm season and any time severe weather strikes.

Be Prepared by Learning the Lingo

Know These Terms

1-Areal Flood Advisory - Areal or Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisories are issued when rainfall is forecasted which is expected to cause relative rises in bayous, creeks and streams, as well as on streets and in low-lying areas, but that generally, they are not expected to be directly life-threatening.

2-Flood Warning (Forecast Point) - Issued when waterways are over their banks and are expected to continue to rise over the next few hours. These are usually issued for a specific point, such as the intersection of a waterway and a road. This means that relatively slow rises of water are expected, and residents should pay attention to changing conditions, avoiding the area.

3-Flash Flood Watch - Issued when the potential exists for Flash Flooding to occur. This usually means a storm system is expected to begin impacting our area, and/or the soils have been saturated and may not be able to handle very much rain, causing run-off which could lead to Flash Flooding.

4-Flash Flood Warning - Issued when Flash Flooding, and rapid rises in water are being experienced across the area. This means that life is threatened by the conditions and residents should avoid travel, and stay away from low-lying areas until the situation remedies.

5- Flash Flood Emergency: Rare situations when a sever threat to human life and catastrophic damage from a flash floods is happening or will happen soon.

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Be Prepared by Having A Plan
1-Make an Emergency Plan

2-Have an Emergency Supply Kit

3-Be Informed About Emergencies in Your Area

4-Know Your Neighbors

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