Flooding reported around Trinity River

LIBERTY, TX (KTRK) -- Incredible pictures are coming from Liberty County, where the Trinity River has spilled out of its banks, leaving some people and homes stranded in flood waters. Some of the worst flooding we've seen so far is just north of Highway 90, where it crosses the Trinity River.

Sky Eye HD was up over the flooding Thursday afternoon, capturing images of a red barn sitting on high ground completely surrounded by flood water. We saw a few men trying to keep as much equipment as dry as possible. They also set up several water pumps trying to keep the water out.

We saw plenty of homes in danger of flooding and even an auto salvage business, at which some vehicles were either partially or completely submerged.

Right now, the forecast calls for the river to hold steady around 28.9 feet, but mentions the possibility of additional rises over the next five days. With more rain in the forecast, meteorologist Travis Herzog says it's almost guaranteed the river will get to that major flood level of 29 feet and above.

Historical perspective on the Trinity River flooding near Liberty - this is the highest it's been in almost 21 years. Today's level peaked at 28.99 feet, making it the 10th highest level on record going back to at least 1957.

Historic Crests
(1) 31.00 ft on 10/12/1994
(2) 30.80 ft on 10/21/1994
(3) 30.03 ft on 05/23/1990
(4) 29.73 ft on 01/07/1992
(5) 29.38 ft on 05/12/1942
(6) 29.26 ft on 05/12/1957
(7) 29.10 ft on 07/05/1989
(8) 29.07 ft on 05/14/1966
(9) 29.05 ft on 01/21/1991
(10) 28.92 ft on 06/19/1973
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