Chambers County puts residents on burn ban notice

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The extreme heat and dry conditions have prompted a state of disaster by Chambers County officials. The move was a preventative one, and they are now encouraging residents to take action as well.

With empty swings and abandoned playgrounds, take one look outside and you'd know that Texas summer is at its peak. And with no significant rain in sight, the dry conditions have residents of Chambers County on high alert.

When it comes to keeping a disastrous fire from happening, authorities say prevention is everyone's responsibility.

"It can start with something so small, so simple like you said a cigarette butt, that's tossed into some dry grass like what we have here, and people don't mean to do it, but it's carelessness and that's most of the time, people just need to be more careful," said Roy Turner with Chambers County Office of Emergency Management.

However, a lesser known danger can be right in your driveway.

"People also be aware that underneath your car; a catalytic converter and some dry high grass can catch a fire," Turner said.

And while Turner says burn bans are intended to protect the public from unintentional wild fires, they are also in place to prevent the real dangers first responders face each time they gear up in triple digit temperatures.

"We have to be considerate of those guys our emergency responders. For them to have to get out in this heat and battle a blaze is very dangerous," Turner said.

But for those that disregard the ban, you're not only putting your family in danger, if caught, you're going to get hit in the wallet. Fines for not observing the burn ban can reach $500.

The burn ban is in effect until November 9. null
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