Addicks and Barker reservoirs not expected to overflow during rainfall event this week

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Barker and Addicks reservoirs just upstream from the Buffalo Bayou were pretty dry and empty earlier on Monday.

But with an impending storm expected for days this week and the still-fresh scars of Harvey, the anxiety is real.

The Army Corps of Engineers is constantly monitoring the forecast. They are in the midst of a $75 million project to fortify dams.

According to the Corps, they do not expect any "significant" or "major" flooding in Houston due to this week's event.

Rainfall will only fill between two and four percent of their total storage space

"Currently at both dams, we've conducted a pre-emptive closure at both gates in order to reduce the risk of flooding," said Capt. Charles Ciliske, of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Downstream from the dams sits the Briarhills neighborhood. Many residents there are still working to rebuild their lives after Harvey's devastating rains. Any potential storm is reason to pay attention.

"Let's hope it's not Harvey part two," said Natalie Allender.

Those who've seen the worse of Mother Nature in the past say they just hope she's kind this go-around.
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