Can the changing temperatures make you sick?

The weather is all over the place these days and now the question is, do all the changes in the temperature make you sick?

Most people would agree, sudden weather changes can make you feel under the weather. It can't actually make you sick, you need to be exposed to the actual bacteria or viruses.

But it can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to those germs.

"When patients come in telling me 'all these weather changes- now I'm sick,' some of that's real, it is a stress on your body," said Dr. Cathleen London.

And the changing conditions can cause certain symptoms. Cold air can make your nose run and constrict airways.

If there's a storm on the way, the atmospheric pressure changes can cause joint pain or even migraine headaches for some people.

And after the rain, the rise in pollen can make your allergy symptoms worse.

When the temperature drops, do what you can to boost your own immune system, including exercise and sleep.
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