Highway 290 construction postponed due to inclement weather

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Navigating weather is hard enough for drivers, but now it's holding up an important construction project on Highway 290.

TxDOT is waiting to open the new mainlanes of Highway 290, but weather is not cooperating.

The westbound mainlines between Pinemont and Little York are just days away from being finished.

Opening these lanes will be a major milestone in the 290 widening project that will give drivers five main lanes from 610 to near Beltway 8.

But the final step for contractors is very much dependent on the weather.

Construction crews will need dry weather in order to do the striping on the new lanes and to hang signs.

"It cannot rain right before, and it cannot rain right after," Deidrea George with TxDOT said. "If it rains before, the product won't be able to adhere to the pavement. And if it rains right after, then the product won't last."

TxDOT says it will make a decision about a possible closure this weekend in order to finish the work by 5 p.m. Thursday.

During severe weather, crews and contractors clear drains and make sure pumps are working and barricades are secured with sandbags.

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