Friendswood residents on edge ahead of expected severe weather

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- With severe storms expected to hit the Houston area, victims of the Halloween tornado are still picking up the pieces.

If you attempt to drive down storm-damaged streets in Friendswood, you may well have to explain why you're there.

For Dave McCullough, it was too much. His home where he and his wife lived for years may well be declared a total loss, depending on what an engineer has to say. The roof, beams, and part of the house frame was ripped off, and rain soaked everything inside.

"We were trying to get inside and retrieve family heirlooms and keepsakes. And to come outside and see people in your yard, taking pictures from their cars and looking -- it's not pleasant," he said two weeks ago.

No one was home when the twister hit.

Although not much more damage can be done to McCullough's home, he fears what could happen to his neighbors if tornados strike. He offered advice to everyone in the Houston area.

"If you haven't photographed or documented everything that you have in your home, do that now," said McCullough. "Get prepared for the worst. That's the biggest issue we've had is trying to go back and remember. We've taken pictures of stuff in the past, but who thinks you are going to lose your home?"

McCullough said he's still working out the details and dollar amounts with his insurance to replace and rebuild his home.
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