The City of Needville votes to take down WWII Water Tower

A water tower that has stood over the city of Needville in Fort Bend County for 70 years will come down this weekend despite an effort to keep it standing.

Last week, the Needville City Council voted 3-2 to take down the WWII Water Tower to end a two-year debate over its costly upkeep.

According to the city, the cost for long-term maintenance was estimated at $300,000. The cost includes painting the tower and making sure the water is safe to drink.

The Needville Preservation Group was angling to get the tower on the National Historic Registry, which would have kept the aging structure from demolition.

Only $13,000 was raised to prevent the tower's demolition.

The move also keeps the city from being fined due to undrinkable water coming from the tower's bad condition, according to the city's water commissioner.

The tower is scheduled to come down Saturday.
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