Got a high water bill after Hurricane Harvey? Ways you can get help

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Got a high water bill after Hurricane Harvey? ABC13's Miya Shay has ways you can get help. (KTRK)

Got a high water bill after Hurricane Harvey? Here's how to figure out if you can get some relief.

Q: What did Houston City Council pass?

A: An ordinance that would allow a water bill adjustment for Harvey flooded homes.

Q: How many houses are affected?
A: City of Houston has identified 6300 accounts that fit the criteria.

Q: I already put an administrative hold on my bill, does my house qualify?
A: If your bill was high enough that a hold was already placed on it, then it most likely is among the 6,300 flagged accounts.

Q: How can I tell for certain if my account will qualify?

A: Look at your July, 2017 bill, then compare it to your August/September bill post-Harvey. If your post-Harvey bill is more than triple your pre-Harvey bill, you qualify.

Q: Great, I qualify! What happens now?
A: For qualifying homes, the city will set aside your bill during the month of Harvey. It will then average your 12 pre-Harvey bills, July 2016-July 2017, and just bill you the average.

Q: Will they send me the new bill?
A: You should have an adjusted bill within two billing cycles.

Q: I was on autopay, and my account was already debted the large bill. What do I do?

A: The city should credit your account within the next two billing cycles, be patient.

Q: I think I qualify, but I'm not certain.
A: Call the City of Houston water department, each case will be individually evaluated.

Finally, please be patient. There are many needs, many bills, and many Houstonians. It will take a few months for all the billing to be reflected in your accounts.

Visit the city's water bill page for more information.
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